Balance Program

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Balance-Program-Photos-collage-wThe Center for Physical Rehabilitation provides physical, occupational, and speech therapy services. Working in conjunction with a patient’s health care provider, our therapists work with the patient to maximize their physical function, alleviate symptoms, and educate patients on how to promote continued health and prevent injury or illness in the future.

Our staff of therapists includes physical therapists, physical therapist assistants, occupational therapists, certified occupational therapist assistants, and speech and language pathologists.

The Center for Physical Rehabilitation includes a full range of equipment including  Cybex weight equipment, functional trainer, and cardiovascular equipment.

Your Therapy Sessions

Typical programming consists of 2 therapy sessions per week, and average 30 minutes each. The first visit is approximately 1 hour and includes an evaluation.  Based on the therapists’ findings, they will develop a plan of care with you.  Treatment sessions are one-one (you are the only patient that the therapist is working with at any given time).

Balance Program Includes:

•  Balance assessment
•  Strengthening
•  Stretching
•  Balance Challenges
•  Functional balance training with application to daily tasks such as
   playing with grandchildren, gardening volunteer/work duties,
   house cleaning and leisure activities
•  Safe exercises to continue at home
•  Education on modifications to keep you safe
•  Exposure to Tai Chi and Yoga-type activities




Comprehensive Balance Program Results Include:

•  Increased muscle strength in legs and trunk
•  Improved dynamic standing balance
•  Improved posture
•  Reduced joint pain
•  Increased walking tolerance
•  Improved coordination
•  Home exercise program

You Might Be At Risk For Falling If You:

•  Have a history of falls
•  Fear of falling
•  Had a stroke or heart attack
•  Use a cane or walker
•  Have trouble seeing
•  Have dizziness
•  Feel weak or short of breath
•  Have neuropathy
•  Have had recent surgery
•  Have muscle weakness
•  Have gait impairment
•  Have balance impairment
•  Have cognitive impairment
•  Have hearing loss
•  Take certain medications

How Can I Get An Appointment

Doctors of medicine, osteopathy, podiatry, dentistry, or chiropractic, nurse practitioner, and physician assistants may refer patients to the Center for Physical Rehabilitation.  Once the referral has been made, an appointment can be scheduled.