Cardiac Cath Lab

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Supporting the Cardiac Continuum

A Service Overview

St. Mary's Cardiac Cath Lab utilizes the latest state-of-the-art equipment in providing patient cardiac services.  It is located on the second floor of the hospital. 

Our medical team of doctors, nurses and technicians is highly trained and uses their collective experience to take full advantage of the Innova 2000's many benefits.

When your heart is at risk, that experience counts.

St. Mary’s is deeply committed to serving the needs of the local community and to the continued development of a strong, high quality cardiology program. Our recently upgraded cardiac equipment and space enables local cardiologists to provide state-of-the-art services to their patients in a comfortable local setting.

We think of it as "home town, high-tech."

Innova® 2000 Description
The Innova® 2000 is the world’s first all-digital X-ray cardiovascular imaging system. Cardiologists in the cardiac cath lab use it when performing procedures to view and treat potential coronary artery blockages that could cause heart attacks or other serious cardiovascular damage.

Major Features and Benefits Technological Features

This information was compiled in part by GE Medical Systems.

Heart Health Continuum at St. Mary’s
Our continuum of cardiac care begins with attention to prevention through exercise, nutrition, and wellness activities. The process extends to health screenings, cardiac diagnostics, and life-saving treatment. When patients require the most advanced procedures, we provide care opportunities at the most advanced facilities. Finally, in the interest of good health, recovery and rehabilitation complete the spectrum.

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