Commonly Asked Questions and Answers about Mammogram Parties

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Question: Why are you offering these parties?

Answer: A lot of women enjoy the comradery of their friends and will support each other in getting a screening mammogram. Plus, any women who might be anxious about getting a mammogram, will be with their friends, and see that it is not a difficult experience at all. Women will get the chance to enjoy spending time with their friends, family and co-workers and have fun!

Question: Are mammogram parties free? Does it cost more than a regular scheduled screening?

Answer: There is no charge for the party; the charge is for the mammogram. St. Mary's Regional Medical Center will bill your health insurance, and you are responsible for any out of pocket expenses. Having your screening mammogram does not cost any more than a normal screening.

Question: Can anyone come to a Mammogram Party?

Answer: Women 40 years or older, with no current symptoms are invited to attend the Mammogram Party. Our guidelines follow those of the American Cancer Society and most other breast cancer organizations that women age 40 and older should be screened with annual mammography.

Question: How do I know if the friends I invite are due for their mammogram?

Answer: A screening is recommended once a year. The hostess will provide the names and phone #'s of the guests attending the Mammogram Party and they will call each guest to check on a person's eligibility for a screening mammogram by calling 207-777-4059, faxing 207-777-4061 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Question: Is the actual procedure any different than a screening I would get at your Center during the day?

Answer: No, the procedure you are having is exactly the same. The appointments are consecutive, so you have time to socialize when you are not in the exam room. Capes and robes are provided along with changing rooms and lockers.

Question: Can I get a diagnostic mammogram at the party?

Answer: Currently, we do not offer diagnostic mammograms at these events. A radiologist must be present for diagnostic testing, and is generally not available after-hours.

Question: Can I find out my results for my screening mammogram before I leave the party?

Answer: No, the results won't be available at the party. Results will be sent to your provider and you will be notified by phone or mail within 1 week.

Question: If there are additional tests recommended, will they be done at the party?

Answer: No, St. Mary's Imaging Department will contact you directly if you need to have additional mammogram views or an ultrasound to clarify findings. This occurs only 5 -15 % of the time and most of the time the results are normal.

Question: Do I need to bring anything, or do anything in advance?

Answer: Bring a picture ID, insurance information (if applicable) and the name of your primary care physician.

If you have had prior mammogram(s) performed at another facility other than St. Mary's Regional Medical Center, please have the images sent to:

St. Mary's Imaging Department
93 Campus Avenue, Lewiston, ME
Phone: 207-777-4059 and Fax:  207-777-4061

The hostess will RSVP the Women's Imaging Department by calling 207-777-4059, faxing 207-777-4061 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to provide them with the list of names and phone #'s of the guests attending the Mammogram Party. The Imaging Department will call each guest to check on their eligibility for a screening mammogram.

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