Gentle Yoga

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Prepare your mind and body for one of the most rewarding and challenging events of your life. Whether you are an experienced yogi or new to the practice, you can receive many benefits from this class. Work to open and strengthen the legs, back and pelvic floor, improve postural alignment to alleviate back pain, and practice breath and meditation exercises to help with labor. Please bring a blanket and pillow to class.

Reduce stress and gain a more restful night sleep.  This class will relax your body, mind and spirit.  Beneficial to students of all ability levels.  This slow paced class combines easy warm-ups, light stretches, and gentle yoga postures with deep breath awareness to enhance a sense of well-being and relieve tension.  We will end with restorative yin yoga poses to open, release and relax the body in restful postures, which allows the mind, heart and spirit to renew and heal.  Excellent for pre- and postnatal women as well.  Join us and feel fully restored! Preregistration is required. No prior yoga experience is necessary.

The benefits of yoga during pregnancy are numerous. Proper breathing and yoga postures can help:

  • normalize blood pressure
  • reduce stress
  • relieve discomfort in the spine
  • strengthen pelvic muscles
  • expand the pelvic cavity
  • strengthen the entire reproductive system
  • guard against excessive weight gain
  • increase hemoglobin count
  • normalize thyroid functioning
  • stimulate the pituitary gland to release prolactin-essential for lactation control
  • enrich breast milk.

2014 Yoga Class Schedule

Mondays 5:30-6:30 pm
Cost 6-Weeks $65 or $15 Drop-in
January 6 - February 10
February 24 - March 31*
April 7 - May 12*
May 19 - June 30* (off 5/26)

Lepage Conference Center
99 Campus Avenue, Lewiston, ME

* Room Changes: March 10, April 28, June 9
d'Youville Resident Dining Room 2nd Floor
102 Campus Avenue, Lewiston

Instructor: Tisha Bremmer
Nationally Certified & Anusara-Inspired Yoga Instructor

HealthSteps is part of the Prevention & Wellness Services offered through St. Mary's Regional Medical Center. For more information or to register, call HealthSteps at 207-777-8898 or visit us on the web.

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