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LoRad M IV mammography systems are operated by a qualified team of radiologists and ACR-certified technologists.

Breast MRI
Breast MRI is a supplemental tool to detect breast cancer and other breast abnormalities.  It is considered to be the most sensitive method to evaluate the extent of breast cancer in patients at high risk for the disease. 

Breast MRI is used to:

  • Evaluate abnormalities found during a mammogram or ultrasound
  • Identify early breast cancer in women with dense breast tissue and who are at high risk for the disease
  • Evaluate whether cancer has spread
  • Identify breast cancer in women who have implants or scar tissue
  • Locate multiple tumor
  • Access effects of treatments such as surgery and/or chemotherapy
High Resolution/Definition Breast Ultrasound

Zone Sonography is a high-resolution, high-efficiency ultrasound using technology that is 10 times faster than conventional equipment.

Image Guided Vacuum Assist Biopsy
With a vacuum to assist, we are able to get samples six to ten times larger than core needle biopsies, with an incision so small there is no need for stitches.

Siemens Prone Stereotactic Biopsy Table
This digital unit provides excellent quality images to diagnose breast cancer.  The patient is able to lie down for the procedure rather than sitting as with our previous unit.


Cancer & Blood Disorders


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