Multi-disciplinary Weight Management Programs

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New Direction Very Low Calorie Diet

The New Direction VLCD is a medically supervised rapid weight loss program designed for individuals who have over 40 pounds to lose, a BMI of over 30, or have health risks that could improve from weight loss.  It combines a low calorie diet with education and behavioral modification.  The goal is to give patients insight into their eating and activity habits so that they can permanently alter their lifestyle to achieve lasting weight control.

The New Direction VLCD nutritional products meet the profile of a protein-sparing, very low calorie diet and are designed to be the sole source of nutrition during the program.  The high protein, low-carbohydrate profile promotes oxidation of endogenous stores of body fat while protecting lean muscle mass.

New Direction Low Calorie Diet

The New Direction LCD is designed for individuals with 10 pounds or more to lose.  It combines nutritional product meal replacements and traditional menu planning to assist in steady weight loss.

The LCD is organized around nutrition, behavior, and exercise objectives, to help participants lose weight safely and effectively, and to maintain their new healthy weight.

New Direction LCD features a nutritionally complete beverage as a replacement for one or two meals daily.  A menu planner includes nutritional bars and traditional food to provide variety and guide the participant in making healthy food choices and controlling portion size.

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All Food Plan

This program begins with a screening, which consists of individual appointments with a physician or nurse practitioner, dietitian, behaviorist, and exercise specialist.  The dietitian will get you started with a meal plan designed to meet your likes and dislikes and accommodate your busy schedule.  The exercise consult will be a customized evaluation and fitness program, which includes cardiovascular, strength and flexibility components.


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