Myelogram Preparation

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Instructions for Patients 

St. Mary's Regional Medical Center
Dept. of Imaging Services


Basic Instructions

Special Instructions

1.  For those taking Blood Thinners:

If you are taking any of these medications: Coumadin®, Janotven®, Plavix®, Brilanta®, Pradaxa®, it is necessary to stop taking them for 5 days prior to myelogram. Consult with your physician first.

If you are on Enoxaparin (Lovenox®) or Rivaroxaban (Xarelto®), stop taking this medicine during the 24 hour period before procedure.(Consult with the physician who prescribed this for you.)

If you have been taking blood thinners, you will need to have an INR lab test done the day before the myelogram. This test can be done at St. Mary's Regional Medical Center's main location or at lab in the Auburn Medical Building (corner of Gracelawn and Turner Road in Auburn). (The results of the INR must be within normal limits to prevent bleeding at the injection site.)

2.  For Patients with Diabetes:  

If you are diabetic and taking any of the medications with metformin, then do not take your usual dose on evening before and the day of your myelogram. You will need to skip taking this medicine for 48 hours after the myelogram injection of Omnipaque.

Brand Name Generic Name 
1. Actoplus MET pioglitazone/metformin
2. Avandamet                 rosiglitazone/metformin
3. Fortamet  metformin
4. Glucophage metformin
5. Glucophage XR  metformin
6. Glucovance glyburide/metformin
7. Glumetza metformin
8. Invokamet canagliflozin/metformin
9. Janumet sitagliptin/metformin
10. Jentadueto linagliptin/metformin
11. Kazano alogliptin/metformin
12. Kombiglyze XR saxagliptin/metformin
13. Metaglip glipizide/metformin
14. PrandiMet repaglinide/metformin
15. Riomet metformin
16. Xigduo XR dapagliflozin/metformin

3. For Patients taking Tricyclic Antidepressants:

Call the doctor who prescribed this type of medication for you and tell him about the scheduled myelogram. Radiologists advise that tricyclic antidepressants be stopped 48 hours before the myelogram and not resumed until 24 hours after the injection of Omnipaque.

Brand Name Generic Name
1. Anafranil ClomiPRAMINE
2. Asendin Amoxapine
3. Elavil Amitriptyline
4. Maproptiline Maproptiline
5. Norpramin Desipramine
6. Sinequan Doxepin
7. Surmontil Trimipramine
8. Tofrapil Imipramine
9. Vivactil Protriptyline

4. For Patients with Allergies:

If you have any allergies to iodine or latex, please be sure to tell your doctor.

If you have questions about these instructions or about your myelogram, please call the Radiology Department at 777-8482.

4/15/15 DMK