Parental Guidance

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Discharge Instructions

amybabyCONGRATULATIONS! The following information is meant to be a general guide to assist you in your physical recovery and a smooth transition into your new role as a parent. This may not answer all your questions, but our wish is to help you gain the knowledge you need at this time. We encourage you to discuss any questions or concerns you have with your nurse or physician.

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Discharge Instructions (pdf format)


Genetic Screening Definitions

geneticsNeural Tube Defects
Meningomyelocele: Hernial protusion of the meninges, brain, and spinal cord.
Spina Bifida: A developmental anomaly characterized by the defective closure of the bony encasement and meninges may or may not protrude.
Anencephaly: Congenital absence of the cranial vault, with the cerebral hemispheres completely mission or reduced to small masses.

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Genetic Screening Definitions (pdf format)

Healthy Family Androscoggin

What can Healthy Families Androscoggin do for me?

Healthy Families Androscoggin is a voluntary home visiting program for expectant and new families that facilitates family interaction, fosters the value of fun, and provides support during challenging times.

Our trained certified parent educators partner with the family, in the family’s home, to build on family strengths that will enhance child development and parenting strategies.

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Healthy Families Androscoggin (link)

Hearing in Infants & Young ChildrenA Guide for Parents


Maine Newborn Hearing Program
The Maine Newborn Hearing Program was established by law in 2000.  The program was set up to provide information to families about hearing screening, evaluation, and services.  Hospitals are required to tell new families about the importance of newborn hearing screening.  If the hospital does not offer the screening test, it must help you arrange to have the test done somewhere else.  This booklet is to help you understand that it is important to test your baby's hearing shortly after birth.

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Hearing In Infants & Young Children -- A Guide for Parents (pdf format)


Newborn Screening Test They Could Save Your Babies Life

baby_feetWhy does my baby need newborn screening tests?
By law, all newborns are tested for several rare but serious medical consitions.  Babies with these conditions may look healthy at birth.  If not treated, these conditions can cause health problems such as mental retardation, slow growth, and even death.  Wtih treatment, these problems may be prevented.

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Newborn Screening Tests: They Could Save Your Baby's Life Booklet (pdf format)

Non-Prescription Medications Approved for Pregnancy


Take as directed on the label.

Headaches and Pain - Plain Tylenol
- Kaopectate or Imodium
- Plain Robitussin
Yeast Infection
- Monitat-7 (Do no use Applicator and only after 12 weeks)

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Non Prescription Medication Approved for Pregnancy (pdf format)

Pregnancy Guidelines

belly3Our Familiar Faces program is designed to allow you, the patient, to meet with us, the Maternity Staff, during your pregnancy. It gives you an opportunity to ask questions, tour the Center, meet the different staff and become "familiar" with your entire birthing experience before your delivery. It also gives us a chance to offer you a variety of information on pregnancy, labor, going home, and many other topics. Please feel free to use us as resources any time--day or night. If we can’t help you, we will refer you to someone who can.

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Pregnancy Guidelines (pdf format)

Safeguard Their Tomorrows

SMRMC-security-braceletA resource to help prevent infant abductions

What  Parents Need to Know -
"What Parents Need to Know" is from For Healthcare Professionals: Guidelines on Prevention of and Response to Infant Abductions by John B. Rabun, Jr. It is reprinted with permission of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC). Copyright ©NCMEC 1989, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1996, and 1998. All rights reserved. National Center for Missing & Exploited Children® is a registered service mark of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children.

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Safeguard Their Tomorrows (pdf format)

Safety Plan

mypics04_cropThe safety of your newborn is as important to us as it is to you. We have policies and procedures that we follow to ensure your baby’s safety and we’d like to make you aware of them. Also included are some recommendations to be aware of after you go home.

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Safety Plan (pdf format)


SIDS Information

noahblanket2Pacifier use during the high-risk SIDS period, age 2 to 6 months, appears to reduce the risk of SIDS by either changing the baby’s sleep state or helping to maintain the airway.

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Sids Info pdf format



Help Ensure Your Best Care

speak-up.jpgThe Speak Up program, sponsored by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, urges patients to get involved in their care. Such efforts to increase consumer awareness and involvement are supported by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. This initiative provides simple advice on how you, as the patient, can make your care a positive experience. After all, research shows that patients who take part in decisions about their health care are more likely to have better outcomes.

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Speak Up:  Help Ensure Your Best Care (pdf format)



Things to Think About When Obtaining a Car Seat and Accessories for Your Babycarseat-main-web


  • Purchase a new car seat if possible. Never borrow or buy a used seat from somebody you don’t know.
  • Never use a car seat that is more than 6 years old.
  • Never use a car seat that has been involved in a motor vehicle crash.
  • Don’t use a car seat with cracked plastic or torn, worn out straps.
  • Don’t add any additional padding to the bottom of your car seat; instead, to support your baby’s head, use rolled up baby blankets around your baby’s body.
  • Don’t use too bulky or “puffy” snowsuits in the car seat; instead, dress baby in “polar fleece thickness”, and cover with blankets.
  • If possible, have your car seat installation checked by a Certified Car Seat Safety Technician.
  • All seat belts involved in an automobile crash need to be changed.
  • If you don't have access to a safe seat for your baby, call Women's Health Associates at 207-777-4300. You may be eligible for a free seat through the State of Maine Car Seat Program.



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Safeguard Their Tomorrows (pdf format)

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