St. Mary's Weight Management and Wellness Program

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Obesity is the leading cause of many chronic medical conditions including but not limited to diabetes, hypertension, sleep apnea and heart disease. There are many proven benefits attributed to weight loss and maintaining a healthy weight. Medical data proves that losing weight can significantly improve your health and decrease the risk of developing heart disease, diabetes and certain cancers. Weight loss can positively impact many aspects of your life such as improving mood, sleeping patterns and self esteem.

We offer a weight loss program that provides all of the proven elements to encourage weight loss and healthy weight management to help patients achieve their personal weight loss goals. Studies show that people engaged in a structured and supervised weight loss and management program can have increased success at meeting their weight loss goals.

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About Our Programs

We offer three multi-disciplinary weight management programs:

  1. New Direction Very Low Calorie Diet
  2. New Direction Low Calorie Diet
  3. All Food Plan


About Us

The program is designed to be a long-term approach to weight loss with a strong focus on keeping the weight off.

The Weight Management and Wellness Program is a medically supervised, multi-disciplinary approach for facilitating weight loss and weight management for patients.

The program incorporates nutrition, behavior, exercise, and in some cases medication to promote successful weight loss and continued weight management.

Because each patient is a unique individual, with unique needs, the program is customized to the individual.

The program is overseen by a physician who supervises patients during each phase of their weight loss journey and is staffed with a team of trained professionals ready to support patients through each step along the way.

Weight Management and Wellness Program Services

Medical Supervision by a Physician or Nurse Practitioner
Nutrition Counseling
Fitness Evaluations and Exercise Prescriptions
Metabolic Testing
Variety of Weekly Group Classes to Choose From
One on One Behavioral Counseling
Group Behavioral Counseling
Meal Replacements Available for Purchase