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There are many benefits of laboring and birthing your baby in the water which include:

  • The buoyancy and warmth of the water lead to decreased pain and pressure along with improved efficiency of your contractions.  The ability to relax may lead to a faster progress in your labor.
  • Women who labor and birth their babies in the water are less likely to need medication for pain.  
  • The right pool can provide ease and support of various birthing positions. 
  • The relaxation achieved in the water can help to lower your blood pressure.Women who labor and birth in water have an increased sense of control and empowerment, decreasing fear and pain relief. 
  • Women who birth their babies in water may have fewer incidences of birth canal injuries such as perineal trauma (vaginal tearing). 
  • Your baby will experience a more gentle transition from life in your uterus to life outside of your uterus. Your baby has been in an environment of fluid and warmth for the past 9 months.  

Women are encouraged to use the labor pool at any time.  However, due to the relaxing nature of the warm water, if a woman enters before her contractions are strong and close together, she may become too relaxed and slow her labor.  The midwives at Women's Health Associates are there to find the time that is right for the most comfortable and efficient birth experience. The temperature of water during a labor and birth is usually between 95-100 degrees Fahrenheit, depending upon the mother's preference. The mother is encouraged to drink plenty of water.  Cool cloths will be available to place upon the laboring woman's face and neck to make her more comfortable. The midwives guide women through this gentle birthing process.

It is vital that anyone considering water birth enlist the help of qualified and experienced birthcare professionals, such as the midwives at Women’s Health Associates.  Special preparations must be made in advance of your due date.

To find out more about water birth please call 207-777-4300 for an appointment with one of our midwives.


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