Fertility Yoga

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fertility-yoga-graphic.gifFertility Yoga is primarily restorative in nature, which is relaxed and gentle inform.  It works with easy postures, deep relaxation, breath and meditation techniques to bring a calming effect to the mind and body. 

Women experiencing infertility are often faced with many ups and downs which create stress.  Stress can interfere with the normal ovulation process and contribute to decreased emotional well-being.  Calming the mind and body are essential components of decreasing stress, which has positive effects on the brain, nervous, and endocrine systems, all which contribute to successful fertility.  Yoga can help manage the emotional stressors that are inevitable during fertility treatments.

Come join us for a fun-filled 6-week class today.  We'd love to help you along your journey of enhanced fertility through yoga!

  Cost:  6-week Session -- $55.00, $10 drop-in

140 Schoolhouse Hill Rd
Turner, ME  04280

 Call Tisha of Inner Light Yoga of Maine, LLC,  
at 207-754-0931 for more information and to register.