Outpatient Community Clinical Services Psychiatry

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A Department of Community Clinical Services

Community Clinical Services (CCS) Psychiatry is A Federally Qualified Health Center and a full-service behavioral health practice affiliated with Community Clinical Services. The practice is located at 100 Campus Avenue, Suite 208 in Lewiston.

Behavioral health providers are specialists that are trained to deal with Psychiatric and substance abuse illnesses. They take care of adults, children and adolescents.

CCS Psychiatry is managed by Bill Worth. To make an appointment or learn more about services at CCS Psychiatry, please call 207-777-8974.

The following providers are seeing patients.
Child Psychiatry
David Schenk, MD    
Adult Psychiatry
Elliot Gruen, DO Michael Kelly, MD
(Consultation for ECT)
Kevin Kavookjian, MD
Colin S. Pope, MD
Clinical Instructor
Ira Shapiro, MD Abhay K. Singh, MD
Clinical Instructor
Scott W. Treworgy, MD
(Addiction Medicine)
Beth Dube, PMH-NP Christine Plourde, PMH-NP
Lydia Ward-Gray, Psy. D    
Bridge Clinic
Beth Dube, PMH-NP Christine Plourde, PMH-NP Mark Shaughnessy, PMH-NP
Substance Abuse Treatment Program
Brenda Bennett-Vachon, PMH-NP Susan Rodrigue, FNP, PMH-NP