Other Services

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ATM_-_Other_ServicesAutomatic Teller Machine (ATM) is located in the first-floor in the hallway adjacent to the Emergency Room.

Internet/E-Mail Access is available through a computer in the Health Science Library (Ext. 8775).  Internet medical searches are available through the Health Science Library (Ext. 8775).

Interpreter Services are available if English is not your primary language. Please notify us if you need an interpreter.

Notary Public services are available during business hours. Please ask your nurse for contact information.

Security personnel are available 24 hours a day. Please tell your nurse if you have a security concern.

Wireless Internet access is available to patients and visitors for free in most areas of the hospital. You will need a WiFi enabled computer or smart phone.

In case of an emergency or fire, your nurse will escort you to safety.



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