Nuclear Medicine

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Nuclear Medicine
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  • Nuclear medicine demonstrates both organ function and structure.
  • Small amount of radioactive materials called radiopharmaceuticals are used.
  • These substances are either injected or swallowed. They are designed to be processed by specific organs or concentrate in the bones or soft tissue.
  • A tiny amount of radioactivity is emitted. A Gamma camera can detect these emissions and the data is sent to a computer to form an image.
  • Nuclear medicine studies can detect abnormalities in the early stages of the disease process.
  • Thyroid, gallbladder, stomach, and bone are the most common organs assessed by nuclear medicine. Other types of studies:


Myocardial perfusion
MUGA - determines left ventricle EF


Lung Imaging

CQ - Perfusion and Ventilation
Quantitative Perfusion


Renal with flow
Renal with Lasix


Infection Imaging

White Blood Cell (WBC)
Gallium 67


Ventricular Shunt Imaging
Brain Perfusion

Tumor Imaging

Gallium 67

Services are available 5 days a week. Call (207)777-8489 to book an exam directly with the nuclear medicine technologists. Talk with Bruce Sites or Robin Richard, if you have questions about appointment times, preps, or which type of exam to order.

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                          7:00 am to 5:00 pm – Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays

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