St. Mary's Breast Health Program

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Breast Health Program
100 Campus Avenue, ground floor
Lewiston, ME  04240



that St. Mary's Breast Health Program offers personal encouragement and expert care from a multidisciplinary team of physicians and clinicians?

The reasons to refer your patient to breast health:   

Abnormal mammogram Family history of breast cancer
Benign breast disease Fibrocystic breast condition
Breast cancer New breast lumps
Breast infections, mass, or pain Nipple discharge



 If your patient needs a breast biopsy . . . the Breast Health experts will review their mammograms/ultrasound's, do a breast exam (which are more accurate prior to biopsy due to edema and bruising), and make a treatment plan. 

Our Breast Health Navigators will be your patient's advocate, scheduler and/or guide if they need: 


Digital mammogram breast (MRI) Surgery
Education  & support Chemotherapy
Biopsy Follow-up care

To schedule your patients with St. Mary's Breast Health Program:

Phone 207-777-4455
Fax 207-777-4414
Monday thru Friday
7:30 am to 4:30 pm