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Dear Lucinda,

Thank you for all your assistance with the admission of my husband in June and July.  My meetings with you re-inforced my belief in humanity.

With our first meeting, I felt a huge sense of relief.  You put me at ease, I became less anxious about admitting my husband to rehab.  You took it upon yourself to become involved in his care.  A weight was lifted from my shoulders.

If everyone had a caring person to help them negotiate the ins and outs of admission (such as yourself) less worry would become the norm.  So many thanks goes out to you and your "girl Friday".

If gold medals ever went to caring people, you, clear friend would be top of the list.  I hope your supervisors recognize the asset they have in their hands. Never loose the compassion you have for people.  You are very special and have become a dear friend to me.


PDT & Husband (8/17/12)


Dear Judy,

As I reflect on the past six months, I feel the need to write to your about some of the caregivers that took exceptional care of my sister.  Throughout her stay on 2 West Rehab Unit, Kathy (RN) and CNA's Holly, Hope, Andrea, and Emily went over and above to ensure that Patty was not only medically cared for but made sure emotionally felt safe and loved.  We have all had a hard road to recovery to enable Patty to gain strength and feel positive about the future.  From the bottom of my heart everyone at d'Youville made both Patty and I feel like Family and I will always be indebted to your facility.  Past experiences with d'Youville led me to request your facility for Patty's recovery and it is a decision I'll never regret.

Thank you so much,

JLB (1/20/12)


Good Morning Donna,

As you may or may not know, my grandmother was a resident here until last Monday when she passed away on Unit 4-West.  She was initially admitted back in September with PT/OT.  Our hope was that she would get strong enough to be reclassified for Residential Care and that her stay here would be temporary.  Unfortunately, her health declined over the last two weeks and the family made the decision to place her on Palliative care.

I wanted to take this opportunity to express my deepest gratitude to the staff on 4-West for the exceptional care they provided to her during her stay here.  She was 92 years old and living independently prior to her admission in September.  Although the move to a long-term care facility was difficult for her at first, she quickly found her new home warm, welcoming, and inviting.  She expressed to me on many occasions how wonderful the staff was and how the care they provided to her was "the best she has ever received".  He bell was always answered quickly and she received the pain medication she requested in a timely manner.  "Everyone is so wonderful here" is what I would frequently hear from her when I visited almost daily.  The nursing and CNA staff on 4-West provided care to her with empathy and compassion.

On Thursday prior to her death, the staff at CMMC asked her to go to the Hospice House.  She quickly became upset and defensive stating d'Youville is my home.  I love my roommate and I love the staff.  I want to go back to d'Youville.

There are many staff members I would like to recognize.  Rhonda in admitting was efficient, professional, and instrumental in getting her admitted to DYP.  My option was to send my grandmother to another facility from CMMC because the only bed available at the time was on 3-East.  We took the bed on 3-East until this bed became available on 4-West.  The staff on 3-East gave her exceptional care but my grandmother quickly realized 'everyone here is mixed up and I don't belong here".  I had the opportunity to work with both Cathy and Sr. Claire in social services and found them both to be insightful, supportive, and helpful in answering all of my questions.  I never had to wait to speak to either of them and they always answered phone calls promptly.  Pt/OT worked diligently with her and kept me abreast of all of her accomplishments.  Her recent episode of pneumonia triggered a rapid A-Fib and CHF.  She was never albe to recover from this recent illness.

I have been working with this organization since March of 1980.  Being able to witness the care provided to a loved one from the other side made me realize the decision to place my grandmother here was the est decision I ever made.  Her children were very pleased as well with the attention and care their mother received.  d'Youville has definitely distinguished themselves from other facilities as the leader in providing the best care possible.  I personally can't thank you enough for all that the staff did to provide the best quality of care for her these last few weeks of her life.  The closure the family experienced was easier at the funeral knowing she was here and received the care she received.  We all have a sincere appreciation for this organization.  I have no doubt the family will be saying positive things about d'Youville for a long, long time!


T. B. SP
Grand-daughter and POA   (October 2011)


My mom was famous for her cookies and if she had been able, she would have baked them for you.  So I did - but  they're not as good as hers!

I want to let you know ow much I appreciate all the caring, respect, and love you gave to my mom and our family.  When I talk to people about my mom's time on d'Youville's 4 West, especially her last days, I get emotional trying to express how wonderful you all are.

It is not easy having a parent in a nursing home knowing what the next "home" will be.  But knowing what a professional, caring staff you all are really helped me accept it.

With sincere appreciation,

D.A.   (September 2011)


Dear Mrs. Murphy,

Recently, at the d'Youville Pavillion to visit my mother on 3 East, I once again had the pleasure of experiencing the thoughtfulness, consideration, professionalism and compassion of your staff. I would like to mention the names of your nursing staff but not only do I not know all of the  names, I would feel terrible if I neglected to mention any of the individuals who do so much for the patients.

This was not a vacation for us. It was to visit my mother who will never leave this wing. Your staff gave us very pleasant memories, again, during this unpleasant time and it did not go unnoticed.

While visiting my mother one morning, I watched a man, Norman Gagnon (housekeeping department), cleaning the floor in the dining room. He spoke with every patient he went past and called them by their first name. He spoke to and teased one lady in a wheelchair until he got her to smile and then with a happy attitude, looked at her and said "I knew I could get you to smile!". I thought that was very special considering the fact that I do not believe his actions would be part of his job description. A lot of those patients appreciated that attention.

Karen Girard, the activities director, was always working with the patients trying to keep them occupied and also changing (sing-a-long) videos that some of the patients really enjoyed. I stole that sing-a-long video idea and passed it on to my neurologist here in Dallas, TX.

I am so happy that if my mother had to be in a medical facility that this was the one chosen. I wanted to thank you and your nursing staff for everything that they have done and continue to do not only for my mother, but for all of the patients in "3 East". You have an excellent staff and I wish the best for all of you.    (September 2011)


I thought that I should send a thank you note to all of those persons at d'Youville that helped me progress with rehab so that I could safely return home to Wayne.

As with the first time that I stayed at d'Youville, you folks were gracious to both me and to my wife, Laura, during the entire stay.

The PT and OT folks (Jason and Jared) did an exceptional job with me and got me back on my feet (so to speak) with daily encouragement and care.

Dan from the nursing staff was another individual who paid special attention to me and made sure that my medical needs were looked after on a daily basis.  He is organized, took vitals early in each of his shifts and made sure that any medical issues were dealt with promptly and with an eye toward resolution of the issue.  He should be commended for his great service.  I thought he was the best nurse on your staff.

Again, thank you for your kindnesses that you showed to both me and my wife.  Thank you for the great care that your staff gave to me.    (May 2011)


It gives me great pleasure to write this letter allowing me to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the staff personnel who were responsible for getting my life back.

My first visit to d'Youville Rehab Center dates back to 2006 after a near fatal automobile accident that required weeks of rehabilitation.  In 2009 after my left knee replacement, 2010 when I had my right knee replacement and more recently, January 29, 2011 after having my right hip replaced.

On each occasions the health and medical care I received from:

  1. The nurses, not enough words in Webster Dictionary to express how fortunate I was to have all them are for me;
  2.  The certified nursing assistants were very responsive when I press the call button, they very informative and taking precautions in giving me my medications, treating with respect, very friendly and most all very skillfully trained;
  3. Dining whether my food was served in my room or the dining room it was provided in a timely fashion, friendly manner and my preference and the quality of food was excellent.  The dining area was always cleaned and the tables were always neatly set;
  4. Rehabilitation therapy was the best that I ever experienced.  The therapist assigned to work with me was very demanding and knew exactly the therapy that was needed for me to get my life back.  She was tough, skillfully experienced, respectful, courteous, friendly and always informed me how well I was progressing.  She always kept my wife informed as well.  The other therapist (OT) met with me in private on occasions to discussed issues of depression caused by traumatic experiences I've had while serving my country with the Army Special Forces, as a CEO of two lending institutions and the fifteen years of special duty with the Federal Government and all the injuries I've had especially while working with the Feds that forced me to retire on permanent disability twelve years ago.  She was also made certain that I was ready and prepared to go home.
  5. My overall assessment of the Room (204) that I occupied from January 29 thru February 12, 2011; housekeeping services; personal issues; spiritually; maintenance and admission (including 1 thru 4) has to be


Finally on February 12, I was able to leave d'Youville Pavilion, after having had suffered with chronic pain for several years, I was able to walk out with my cane and pain free thanks, once again, to St. Mary's Joint Center, Dr. Wayne Moody and his surgical staff, and d'Youville Rehab Center

However, I do have a request that you share my letter with all the staff personnel who are responsible for making d'Youville the best Health and Medical Care facilities in the State of Maine.  Furthermore, I will not hesitate to recommend the aforementioned facilities to anyone in need of Health and Medical Care.

With best wishes for continuing success, I am
Cordially yours,
Robert P. Lacombe (February 17, 2011)


On behalf of a resident on your Memory Care Unit and myself, I want to thank all staff from the multiple disciplines who contribute day and night to her happiness.  Every time I visit, I witness the individualized love and care that is being given to her and to the residents who share her unit.  Since we are always so quick to criticize and far less expedient to compliment, I need to take this opportunity to express my appreciation.

I remember only too well how difficult and gut wrenching it was to relinquish the full care of a dear friend to someone else.  Still embedded in my mind is that awful feeling of guilt that just tore me apart when I walked away leaving her behind those locked doors.  If only I had known then what I know now that experience would have been ever so different!

d’Youville offers it all.  She is safe (which was a major worry when she was home), her health concerns are monitored 24/7, problems are quickly identified and addressed, her meals are tailored to her needs, her intake is supervised and if supplemental nutrition is needed, she receives it.  She loves having her hair and nails done weekly, enjoys participating in activities and ultimately, is living a much more wholesome life.

Although I call daily for a general update on her, staff is always cordial, accommodating, and very willing to take the time to give me whatever information I request.  If an incident occurs (i.e. blood sugar level spikes) I’m notified in a timely fashion. 

Alzheimer’s is an unforgiving disease; thank heaven for d’Youville.  I am ever so grateful for a staff that is not only accepting and understanding of the needs of the residents but also that their concern encompasses the needs of those of us who are responsible and have placed “into your hands” the life and future of our precious, precious loved ones.

Thank you and God bless.
JCS  (1/18/2011) 


As you can see, all responses were checked with #5.  I honestly could not find one negative thing to say about this nursing home.  I was a patient there for one week after my surgery and was treated in every respect with excellent care.  I am very grateful to have had this wonderful place for my recuperation.

D. McL.


H. and I would like to take this opportunity to say Thanks in a special way for the kind, gentle and professional way that you helped us get through a traumatic time with his blood pressure situation.

It was a long process for us, as I am sure it was for you, i.e., awake all night and wanting to talk, great one day, down the next, because his progress didn't always seem to be happening.  However, you handled it in a very professional manner and always looked out for what was best for him even sometimes with some of you to the point of spoiling him.

I know it took a while for us to get back and say THANK YOU so VERY MUCH, but we have still been adjusting at home and continuing care through Massachusetts General.  He is back on his feet, although still wobbly at times and his pressure is hanging in.

Because you were so caring, we felt that you deserved your own Coldstone Creamery Ice Cream party.  We hope taking a little break and seeing that the work you do is appreciated by the people you serve, will help bring a little sunshine in your sometimes hard days working with those who need you so much.

Enjoy, relax a few minutes and keep up the GREAT patient care and kindness you show to your patients.  I means the world to us, your patient and family.

R. & H. D.


To the Staff of Rehab - 2 West:
I have the highest regard for your facility.  My mother was a resident here for 3 1/2 years for a stroke that left her entirely dependent for her care. I believe this was soon after this facility opened.  I visited her daily and saw the excellent care she was receiving.   

My husband was a resident here for 2 months for therapy after a stroke.  The therapists loved  him because he tried so hard to help himself.  The last month he lived he, before his passing, was at St. Mary's d'Youville Pavilion for pulmonary. He needed much hands-on care and he received it.  His passing was a blessing for him as he had severe breathing and coughing problems and no quality of life (as he said) and wanted to go home to the Lord.

The staff were so good to him and gracious to his visitors.  You have an excellent organization and everyone can be proud of the skills given to patients. 

I can only say THANK YOU.



During my memere's stay at d'YP, she was always treated with respect and dignity. She had suffered from a stroke and her language and ability to walk were damaged so her frustration level was increased, but the staff at d'YP were always patient with her and gave her excellent care. I knew that when I wasn't there, she was loved and  well taken care of. She was cared for the way my family would've cared for her if we could.



On behalf of the family of the late Dr. Randall Silver, I wish to tell you how much we appreciate the entire staff on the 2nd floor. These wonderful people took superb and meticulous care of Randy and kept him comfortable until the end of his life. Their kindness, understanding, patience, and love did much to ease our pain and helped us through a most difficult time. We will always remember them fondly.

Thank you,