Community Support Criteria

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Periodically St. Mary's receives requests from community groups seeking donations and support for their activities. They are always for a good cause, and it has pained us in the past that we have at times run out of funds to support the many worthy needs in our community.

To help alleviate this challenge, the St. Mary's system has instituted a process that will allow us to use the limited dollars available towards the greatest good.  Highlights include:


Philanthropic Program Highlights 

Statement of Objective/Purpose

External Criteria

In an effort to be focused and clear on where we can make the most significant difference in our financial support we have chosen three service areas that aligned with the leading mission of our Health System.

St. Mary's will consider requests for financial donations in the following categories:

  1. Underserved groups, especially those living in poverty, those who are homeless or those suffering from behavioral illness.
  2. Education Improvement, with special emphasis on supporting the educational needs of the children of our employees.
  3. Elder care, especially safety issues and programs focused on improving the health and well being of the aged.

Criteria for Donations to external non-profits


SMHS, as a non-profit health care system, has budgetary limitations on how much financial support can be donated to community organizations. Therefore, in addition to the previously listed criteria the following limitations apply when considering a request for donation:

  1. Requests greater than $2,500 will generally not be considered in order to fund as many worthy projects as possible within our budgetary limitations.
  2. Non- profit organizations receiving financial support may not apply for more than 3 years of continuous support for the same project of program, although a different program may be considered.
  3. Deadlines for requests are the last day of each calendar quarter for consideration in the next quarter's giving committee's meeting. (The committee meets once per quarter.)
  4. All requests must be in writing and must address the external criteria previously listed, and be on the 501C3 organizations letterhead. Incomplete request may be returned.
  5. General focus will be within Androscoggin County.
  6. All questions may be directed to the SMHS Administrative Office.

External written requests should be mailed to:

St. Mary's Health System
St. Mary's Development Office
PO Box 7291
Lewiston, ME 04243-7291