Environmental Advocacy

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In support of our mission to improve the health of our patients, our employees, and our community, St. Mary’s Health System is committed to being as “green” as possible. We are constantly evaluating our procedures, policies, and products for the purpose of reducing our carbon footprint.

Our initiatives have earned national accolades from such prominent environmental advocacy groups as Practice Greenhealth (Partner for Change, with Distinction Award) and the Environmental Protection Agency (Energy Star designation).



Our Environmental Initiatives:


  • Replaced our aging central chiller.
  • Replaced 6500 light fixtures with fixtures that use energy efficient bulbs.
  • Upgraded pneumatic building controls.
  • Replaced electric kitchen equipment with gas.

Oil and Gas

  • Replaced our power plant with a duel fuel capability plant. Duel fuel boilers give St. Mary’s the ability to track fuel markets and choose between #2 fuel and cleaner burning natural gas.
  • Use ozone in the laundry.  With the use of ozone, we are able to reduce wash water temperature from 180 degrees to between 65 and 90 degrees. That saves 16,830 gallons of #2 fuel per year!  As an added bonus, we were able to reduce the use of chemicals which means linens last longer, are softer, and smell fresher.
  • Replaced several water pump parts and water cooled air handlers as well as improved our feed and sterilizer water recovery.  These changes save 7.55 million gallons of water per year.
  • 45.5 tons of cardboard per year
  • 99.4 tons of paper/magazines per year
  • 15.7 tons of metalper year
  • 473 each of wood pallets



2,776 Mercury lamps per year
7,330 lbs of electronics per year
1212 lbs of lead acid batteries per year
20 lbs NICAD batteries per year
55 lbs Lithium batteries per eyar
243 lbs of PCB ballasts per year

500 tons per year

33.5 tons per year

We look to purchase Green Seal approved products or products made with recycled material whenever possible to reduce the amount hazardous chemicals in the healthcare environment.

Through the work of its Nutrition Center, with the help of community partners, St. Mary’s has taken a lead role in a sustainability and food access study to learn how to best address the needs of the Lewiston/Auburn area.  Additionally, Lots to Gardens, a youth and community driven program within the Nutrition Center, uses sustainable urban agriculture to create access to fresh food and to nurture healthy youth and a healthy community.

Overall, our efforts have allowed us to reduce our electricity consumption by 1,648,000 kilowatt hours annually and oil consumption by 750 gallons annually.  That’s equivalent to taking 200 cars off the road and a monetary savings of $131,800 each year!

“Faced with the widespread destruction of the environment, people everywhere are coming to the understanding that we cannot continue to use the goods of the earth as we have in the past…(A) new ecological awareness is beginning to emerge…The ecological crisis is a moral issue.”

Pope John Paul II
The Ecological Crisis: A Common Responsibility 1989

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