Services Provided

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What services do the SBHCs provide?
  • First aid for minor accidents and injuries
  • Diagnosis and treatment of illnesses such as strep, mono, and ear infections, to include prescription medication if needed
  • Evaluation of recurring symptoms such as headaches or stomach pain
  • Behavioral and mental health counseling and substance abuse services by an on-site licensed mental health professional
  • Employing the Columbia University Evidenced-Based TeenScreen Program, to screen middle and high school students for mental health issues such as depression and identify those at risk for suicide.
  • Assistance with chronic illnesses such as asthma, eating disorders, or diabetes
  • Sports screens
  • Pregnancy and STD testing
  • Routine lab tests including screenings for strep and anemia, urinalysis, and PPD
  • Education on healthy weight, nutrition, and smoking cessation
  • Oral health care provided by a dental hygienist from the Tooth Fairies, Inc.
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