Services Provided

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What services do the SBHCs provide?
  • First aid for minor accidents and injuries
  • Diagnosis and treatment of illnesses such as strep throat, mono and ear infections to include prescription medication if needed
  • Evaluation of recurring symptoms such as headaches or stomach pain
  • Behavioral health and substance abuse services provided by an on-site licensed mental health professional.
  • Health Risk Assessments using RAAPS, the Rapid Assessment for Adolescent Preventive Services, an evidence based risk assessment used to screen middle and high school students across the country for high risk behavioral or unmet behavioral health and substance use needs.
  • Assistance with chronic illnesses such as asthma or diabetes
  • Sports screens
  • Reproductive health
  • Routine lab tests including screenings for strep and anemia, urinalysis and PPD
  • Education on wellness nutrition and smoking cessation
  • Classroom education and outreach
  • Oral health care provided by a dental hygienist from the Tooth Fairies, Inc.
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