A Sleepiness Test

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The Epsworth Sleepiness Scale (ESS)

The ESS is designed to evaluate levels for excessive sleepiness. This test is a standardized screening tool that will help measure your general level of sleepiness. Rate the chances of dozing off or falling asleep during the following common daily activities. Answers are rated from 0 to 3, with 0 meaning you would never doze or fall asleep in that given situation and 3 meaning that there is a very high likelihood that you would fall sleep in that situation.

0 = would never doze

1 = slight chance of dozing

2 = moderate chance of dozing

3 = high chance of dozing


Situation Chance of dozing 0 to 3

Sitting and reading?

Watching TV?

Sitting inactive in pubic (theater or meeting)?

As a passenger in a car for an hour w/out a break?

Lying down to rest in the afternoon?

Sitting and talking to someone?

Sitting quietly after lunch (with no alcohol)?

In a car, while stopped in traffic?

Your Total?


The Epsworth Sleepiness Scale Key

Total score of less than 10 suggests that you may not be suffering from excessive sleepiness.

A total score of 10 or more suggests that you may need further evaluation by a physician to determine the cause of your excessive sleepiness and whether you have an underlying sleep disorder.

Children and Sleep: Common Sleep Problems

Our sleep laboratory is an adult facility and we presently do not evaluate or treat children with suspected sleep disorders under the age of 12 years. The link provided gives excellent information about sleep issues for children of all ages. FMI Go to: Keepkidshealthy.com

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