Breast Health Program

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PinkRibbonFacilityLogo_cropAt St. Mary's, we believe in caring for the whole person – body, mind, and spirit. As a woman, you know how important it is to keep your good health – for yourself, for your family. The Breast Health Program at St. Mary's offers personalized, expert care from a multidisciplinary team of physicians and clinicians.

The Breast Health Program provides comprehensive education and treatment services for breast health care. The program offers a clinical, educational, psychosocial, and personal resource for learning more about breast health and treating and living with breast cancer.

The Breast Health Program at St. Mary's is supervised by a specially trained breast surgeon, Marsha O'Rourke, MD.  Her knowledge and expertise bring a unique and valuable perspective to each patient's case.  Patients with any stage of breast cancer can access the most current cancer treatments available, including oncology physician services and a full outpatient chemotherapy treatment service. 

The Breast Health Navigator will assist breast health patients from detection to diagnosis through to treatment. We are dedicated to ensuring that women receive timely follow-up diagnosis and treatment, and provide emotional and logistical support to patients. We break down barriers to care and ensure that patients receive the support and knowledge needed to successfully navigate the health care system.

A Team Approach

A multidisciplinary approach is the cornerstone of modern breast health care. The breast health program team includes:
  • Breast Health Navigator
  • Mammography Technologist
  • Medical and Radiation Oncologists
  • Physical and Occupational Therapists
  • Primary Care Physicians

Our space on the fourth floor at the hostpital offers bright and spacious exam rooms along with the same familiar faces ready to help women and men care for their breasts.


St. Mary's Breast Health Program has received a full three year accreditation from the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers.

The survey involved a very detailed look at our quality outcomes, navigation, evidence based practices, education, credentialing,  research and prevention initiatives and management accountability.  Imaging, pathology, medical oncology, nursing, surgery, and support services were all evaluated, and the surveyor remarked that our program was "excellent."  

St. Mary's is now one of only four programs in Maine that are accredited by the NAPBC.  This is quite an important distinction.

The program offers:

Zone Sonography by Zonare is a high-resolution, high efficiency ultrasound available at the Breast Health Program. The compact, portable unit focuses on fewer larger zones. By doing so, the device is able to take in an immense amount of imaging information all at once, creating technology that’s ten times faster than conventional equipment.

Diagnostic Services

The breast health program, in conjunction with the Women's Imaging Center at St. Mary's, offers the latest in diagnostic technology.

Digital Mammography - Call Women's Imaging Center at (207) 777-4060

Hologic Selenia digital mammography systems are operated by a qualied team of ACR-accredited technologists. As an MQSA certied and ACR accredited facility, the mammography suite combines high-tech quality diagnostics with a private and comfortable conference area. There patients can discuss their results with our board certied radiologists or take time to learn more about breast health. Self-referrals are welcomed.

Softer Mammograms

Mammograms are now a lot gentler with the use of the MammoPad.  The MammoPad is a soft foam pad that provides a cushion between you and the mammography machine.  Many women have said this pad has made the vital exam less cold and more comfortable.

Breast MRI

Breast MRI is a supplemental tool used to detect breast cancer in women at high risk for the disease. It is considered to be the most sensitive method to evaluate the extent of breast cancer (staging), but it does not replace a mammography for screening. It can also be used to detect abnormalities with breast implants. 

Mammotome/Stereotactic Biopsy

Through the imaging capabilities of our Seimens Prone Digital Stereotactic table or the Philips iU22 ultrasound unit, we provide excellent quality images that enable us to locate small abnormalities for biopsy. We are able to get samples of breast tissue in question with an incision so small there is no need for stitches. The patient is able to lie down for the procedure, rather than the older method of sitting upright. The ability to obtain these samples may also eliminate the need for furthertests, including surgical biopsies.

Medical Oncology Services

Through an affiliation with the Center for Cancer & Blood Disorders, patients with any stage of breast cancer can access the most current cancer treatments available.

The Center includes oncology physician services and a full outpatient chemotherapy treatment center.

Located within the Center is the American Cancer Society Resource Center.  There, patients, their families, and the general public can learn more about different cancers, treatment options, and support services.  The Center is the first in Maine to be supported by the American Cancer Society.

Psychosocial & Rehabilitation Therapy- Physical and occupational therapy and treatment services for lymphedema.

Referrals - Referrals to Look Good… Feel Better and Reach to Recovery

  • radiation oncology
  • plastic surgery
  • genetic testing
  • outpatient counseling
Support Groups - Support groups led by individuals with special training in women's issues. 

Living with Cancer Support Group

Women Diagnosed and Living with Cancer 

Cancer Wellness and Support Group

Young Adult Survivor Services Group

Pip's (Pretty in Pink) Breast Cancer Survivor's Club

I Can Cope

Look Good...Feel Better

Reach to Recovery



795-7118 or 795-2692


755-0077 or 754-0747




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