Frequently Asked Questions

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Q- Will the procedure hurt?
A- The procedure is generally not painful, although patients may feel some pressure at the 
    site where the Radiologist is working. Some patients may experience discomfort from
    lying on the exam table for an extended period of time.

Q- Will I be put to sleep?
A- No. Patients are awake for the procedure, although patients may be given some
    medication to help them relax. Patients are monitored constantly during their

Q- Are these procedures safe?
A- These exams are considered to be invasive procedures, however, the risk is small 
    and they are considered to be relatively safe. The Radiologist will discuss the risks
    in greater detail on the day of the exam.

Q- Can I go home the same day?
A- The majority of these exams are done on an out-patient basis and the patient is 
    usually discharged later that day.