Patient Instructions

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Instructions for All-Night Sleep Study (PSG)The quality and validity of your test will be enhanced by your cooperation in the following:

  • In the several days prior to you sleep study maintain your usual sleep-wake schedule, daily activities, and medications (unless told otherwise by your physician). Do not ingest any caffeine or chocolate after noon on the day of the study.
  • Should you become ill (e.g., cold or allergy symptoms, diarrhea, fever, etc.) in the several days prior to your sleep study, telephone our office about your illness.
  • On the day of the sleep study, shower, shampoo and dry your hair.  Men with heavy beards should shave just before coming to the sleep center. Women should remove make-up and fingernail polish.
  • Report to the Sleep lab at the time indicated. There will be ample parking in the arking lot directly in front of the entry doors.
  • When you arrive at the front doors, press the intercom button to the right of the glass doors on the pillar outside. The technologist will be able to see and hear you and will then allow you access into the building.
  • Bring your daily medications (including those taken in the evening and early morning) with you: let the technologist know which medications you need to take during your stay at the lab, and at what times. If you suffer from nasal congestion, be sure to bring your decongestant.
  • Bring preferred pj's and pillow. Men are required to wear pj bottoms and a top (can be a t-shirt). Shorts or briefs are required at a minimum.
  • The lab has a bathroom equipped with toilet and lavatory as well as a locker room with shower facilities. You may want to bring your own toiletries.
  • The technologist will wake you between 5:30 and 6:00 am unless you request to be up earlier for any reason. Please do not ask the sleep technologist for feedback about the results/findings of the sleep recordings. The technologists have been instructed not to share their impressions of sleep recordings findings with patients.

For urgent/emergency matters during your sleep study, others can reach you at the laboratory by calling 207-753-3090. The technician arrives at the lab by 7:00 pm.


Generally, review and analysis of your sleep recording will take place within 2 working days and a report will be available for the physician to review. The physician's office will call you to inform you of further recommendations in you evaluation if an appointment has not been previously scheduled to discuss the results of your study.

Phone numbers:
  • Questions about your insurance coverage? Please call Patient Representative Services at 777-8208 Monday thru Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.
  • To cancel or reschedule your sleep study with at least two business days notice, please call 777-8959 Monday thru Friday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.
  • To reach the sleep lab after regular business hours, call 753-3090. The technicians generally arrive at 7:00 pm.
  • For all other urgent messages after hours, please call 777-8959 and follow the after hours instructions.

Instructions for Daytime Studies (MSLT's and MWT's)

  • Beginning at least seven days prior to your scheduled sleep study, try to maintain a regular sleep schedule. We ask that you spend at least eight hours in bed during your usual nighttime sleep period. During this seven-day period, upon awakening in the morning, complete the Sleep Diary form sent to you in the packet of information from the physician's office for the preceding 24 hour period. You can print the diary form from this web site if you don't have one. Bring the completed sleep diary with you to either the physician's office or the sleep laboratory, which ever you go to first.
  • Bring comfortable, loose-fitting clothing for your daytime test. Food for breakfast and lunch is available and consists of a basic assortment of breads, cereals, fruit, milk, lunch meat, cheese, juices and water. If you have a special diet, you may want to bring in your own food from home. We have a refrigerator and microwave oven available for your use.
  • You may bring books, laptop computers and lap crafts to use between your scheduled test periods. An office phone is available for urgent or routine calls. Friends and family members should be instructed to call only for emergencies by telephoning 753-3090. You may bring a cell phone, but you will have to turn it off during test     periods.
  • Smoking is limited. If you smoke, you will be shown the area outside where it is allowed and you must check with the technologist before going out to smoke. No smoking is allowed for 30 minutes prior to each test period. Caffeinated beverages or food are not permitted. Our lab does not stock over-the-counter pain pills; should you have a headache that you don't usually have, and the pain is sufficiently bothersome, you may take a pain pill, such as aspirin or Tylenol that you have brought for yourself. Check with the technologist first  regarding their suitability for use.
  • You will be instructed to stay out of bed between tests and you will be asked to remain in the lounge area (except during tests). You are welcome to walk around the lab area as well as outside. Notify the technologist any time you leave the immediate lab area.

Should you have any questions about these instructions, or about you upcoming test, please contact the Clinic at (207)777-8959 during regular business hours.

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