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The Diabetes and Nutrition Center provides a variety of special services to meet the needs of our diabetes patients.

These services include:

Gestational Diabetes Treatment
You will meet with a registered dietitian and diabetes nurse educator to learn about gestational diabetes and what you can do to help make sure you have a healthy baby.

Glucose Monitoring
We will demonstrate glucose testing machines and help you decide which is best for you.
We will show you how to use your machine and work with you and your health care provider about when and how often you should test yourself.

Injection Instruction
We will teach you how insulin works, how to store it, how to use a syringe or insulin pen, how and where to inject the insulin and what to do with the used syringes.

Insulin Management
We will work with your health care provider to manage your insulin doses to get the best diabetes control possible.

Insulin and Pump Exploration, Teaching and Follow-up
If you are thinking of using an insulin pump, we will show you available pumps, help you decide if this therapy is for you and teach you how to use it appropriately.