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shutterstock_53357947-rgb-hand-crop-wOur hands are one of the primary ways we interact with the world around us. We rely on them for most all we do. With 27 bones in the hand, and another 8 in the wrist, problems of the wrist and hand can significantly impact our quality of life.

At St. Mary’s Center for Orthopaedics we understand that when it comes to your hand or wrist every question is important; heat or cold, break or sprain, surgery or rest, arthritis or overwork?

The specialists at St. Mary’s Center for Orthopaedics have both the experience and the training you can trust to help you “get your life back.” Working in partnership with the hospital’s therapy group, we will create an individualized three part program involving the latest tools and techniques in the areas of diagnosis, treatment and therapy. Helping you achieve rehabilitation and recovery are our goal.

Call us today for a consult, or fill out an appointment request form.

St. Mary’s Center for Orthopaedics.  The first step in “getting your life back.”



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