Condition H (Help)

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Initiate Condition H


Condition-HSt. Mary’s Regional Medical Center has implemented Condition H (Help) as another way to provide patients the best possible medical care. This enables us to respond quickly to changes in a patient’s condition — often before a medical emergency occurs.  In many cases, families and visitors know the patients better than the healthcare team and are able to recognize subtle changes.  

Condition H asks patients, families and visitors to partner with the healthcare team, by alerting bedside caregivers if the patient seems to be getting worse.  Condition H also encourages patients, families and visitors to summons additional help when they feel it is needed.

When activated, a team of highly trained individuals will respond. When they arrive at the patient’s bedside, they will begin an evaluation, which may result in laboratory tests, x-rays or new medications being ordered and started.

When are patients most likely to experience a change in their condition?
Anytime someone is in the hospital, there can be unexpected events that may cause the patient to stay in the hospital longer or lengthen the recovery process. Patients are likely to experience changes in their conditions just after surgery, during medical tests or anytime they are recovering from an illness.

Can a patient, family member, or visitor activate the team?

If you notice a patient’s condition worsening, immediately contact the patient’s nurse.

If you still feel addition help is necessary, please initiate Condition H (Help) by using the bedside phone to:


CALL EXT. 3322

Rapid Response Team members will arrive
within minutes to evaluate the patient.

Your voice can make all the difference
in saving a person’s life.
Thank You.