Center for Physical Rehabilitation

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Center for Physical Rehabilitation
St. Mary's Medical Building Auburn Campus
15 Gracelawn Road, Suite 201
Auburn, ME  04210


that the Center for Physical Rehabilitation offers cognitive assessments and treatments on a one-to-one basis? 

The goal of the Cognitive Assessment of Minnesota (CAM) is to provide an inclusive assessment for significant areas of cognition in a short amount of time. It is not an in-depth cognitive evaluation, but provides objective information on cognitive abilities and deficits. Treatment is tailored for each patient based on the findings of the CAM. 

Who is appropriate to refer? Patients who might benefit from CAM assessment may include the following populations: CVA, TBI, and older adults. The CAM is not appropriate for patients with severe visual-perceptual deficits or for patients with aphasia. 

What can a patient expect? The evaluation takes approximately 40 minutes to complete and can be broken down into two 20-minute sessions if necessary. The patient will be seated for the duration of the assessment in a quiet, non-distracting environment. 

Composed of familiar tasks using everyday objects, CAM evaluates a variety of cognitive skills (17 subtests) including:

Attention Span



 Temporal Awareness








Object Identification

Visual Neglect










To schedule your patients for this assessment with St. Mary’s Center for Physical Rehabilitation: 

Phone 207-753-3070
Fax 207-753-3075



Physical Rehabilitation Staff:

Alma Aranda, PTA Kerri Monto, MS, SLP-CCC
Alison Almlov Fenton, OTR/L Jennifer Mower, OTR/L
Dawn Gilbert, PT, Director Miranda New, PT
Rebecca Harrington, PT Diane Robarge, OTR/L, CLT
Nicholas Hodsdon, MPT Sarah Shannon, MPT, CLT
Jacqueline Jancaitis, DPT


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