Electrodiagnostic Medicine

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Neurology Associates provides Electrodiagnostic Medicine?

A direct extension of the neuromuscular exam is the electrodiagnostic medicine consultation, during which the patient's nerve and muscle functions are assessed.  Electrodiagnostic tests include a nerve conduction study and a needle electromyography examination (EMG).  These tests allow us to more effectively diagnose the patient.  The results of both tests provide the professional staff with the ability to ascertain the seriousness of the problem, recognize the prognosis, and, consequentially, help patients receive proper management and gain a better quality of life.





  • Consultation and testing will offer information in the assessment of: nerve roots, brachial and lumbar plexi, motor and sensory neurons, neuromuscular junction, muscles, and peripheral nerves.
  • Patients will receive quality care and knowledge from experienced staff.

To schedule your patients for a neurologic consult, EMG, EEG or extended monitoring in our EMU, through St. Mary's Neurology Associates, contact us at: 

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