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Center for Joint Replacement 
St. Mary's Regional Medical Center
93 Campus Avenue, 3rd Fl
Lewiston, ME  04240

Toll-free: 1-888-780-6555

that the Center for Joint Replacement (CJR) cares for patients undergoing hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, hand, and finger surgeries.

Benefits for patient when referring directly to the CJR:

• Patients referred to Portland areas have expected wait time of 6 months.
• Patients referred to St. Mary's Center for Orthopaedic Care or to Central Maine
  Orthopeadics, PA (CMO)
 will see provider in 3 to 4 months
• If surgery is likely, the primary or referring provider can compile information for a Pre-
  Surgical Packet.

•  Cardiac pulmonary consultations for surgical clearances if indicates (i.e., history of
    cardiovascular, pulmonary, diabetes, obesity, etc.)
•  Most recent office documentation
•  Current medical list
•  Current problem list
•  Recent imaging and/or other diagnostic studies
•  Recent laboratory results

• CJR has strong working relationship with St. Mary's Center for Orthopaedic Care and CMO.

• Collaboration yields better patient satisfaction.
• Coordination of care and teamwork improves efficiency, and reduces lost paperwork,
   delay in surgery, or appointments.
• Improved information sharing and communication between St. Mary's Center for 
  Orthopaedic Care or CMO with primary or referring provider offers efficiency.
• Referral to St. Mary's Center for Orthopaedic Care or CMO provider best suited to
   patient’s particular needs.

• Factors such as patient’s age, and diagnosis will be considered when referring to
  appropriate St. Mary's Center for Orthopaedic Care or CMO provider.

If you have a patient in need of joint surgery, refer directly to the Center for Joint Replacement at St. Mary’s:

Phone: 207-333-4700
Fax: 207-333-4722

For more provider information, please visit our website at www.itsahipnewworld.com or www.itsanewkneeworld.com.




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Joint Replacement Surgeons


Wayne Moody, MD
Orthopaedics Medical Director
Center for Joint Replacement
* Total shoulders
* Total Knees
* Total hip


David M. Wexler, MD, FRCS
* Total Knees
* Total Hips
* Total Ankles

Technical Staff

Len Farinas, MPT
Celeste Philippon, RN

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