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Better Hearing and Speech Month

Published: 05/10/2017

Speech-Language Pathologists help people develop and maintain their ability to express thoughts and feelings, improve their cognition (overall thinking), and improve or maintain their ability to swallow foods and liquids. Speech-Language Pathologists work primarily as a medical specialty, helping people recover following a stroke, head injury, or other illness/disease.
Speech-Language Pathologists also work in education, evaluating and treating children with delayed or impaired speech or language. Some Speech-Language Pathologists specialize in the treatment of swallowing problems and others specialize in improving patient's speech and voice.
Audiologists work with people to maintain hearing health. They specialize in the prevention, identification, and assessment of hearing loss. They prescribe hearing aids and teach users how to reap maximum benefit from amplification.
At St. Mary's Regional Medical Center there is one full-time and two per diem Speech-Language Pathologists who are certified by the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association. Kerri Monto, MS, CCC-SLP works full-time with patients, families, and staff to treat speech, language, voice, cognition, and swallowing difficulties in a variety of patients. She treats acute care patients, as well as, outpatients.  Elizabeth Brown, MS, SLP-CCC and Nicole Anderson, MS, SLP-CCC work per diem providing coverage to St. Mary's acute care patients.
If you or someone you care about is having difficulty with any of the conditions mentioned above, please contact St. Mary's Center for Physical Rehabilitation at 753-3070 or e-mail

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