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Employee Recognition Program: 
Leading With Our Hearts

You spoke, we listened.

Our Service Excellence 2.0 Committee is very happy to launch a new employee recognition program: Leading With Our Hearts!  

We've even put together a little video to help us launch our new program, check it out!

Remember, when you see a colleague leading with their heart we want you to recognize them for a job well done.  What we'd really, really love is for you to pay special attention to these three areas of service excellence:

1.    Active Listening

2.   Caring

3.   Managing Up 

We encourage you to work as a team, support one another, and remember.....

Every sticker is a story of service excellence!

We've made sure that every member of our leadership team has a supply of stickers handy to share with you.  Work together to find a central location that will make it easy for everyone to grab a sticker when they recognize a colleague is leading with their heart.

Let's fill those badge buddies with stories of excellence and recognize one another for great service to one another and to our patients!  

If you have not yet received your 3rd layer badge buddy, you'll be receiving it very soon.  The final orders are rolling in this week and next.

This program was created by staff from all over our health system.  If you have ideas to share, we'd love to hear from you!  Please email your ideas to

We have more in store to say thank you and to support a friendly, professional and enjoyable environment for everyone; our staff, patients, and guests.


The Service Excellence 2.0 Committee



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