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Professional Development Pathways

The aim of the Professional Development Pathway is to promote excellence in nursing practice at St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center and to recognize, reward and retain professional nurses. By defining standards for advancement, nurses are recognized and rewarded for advancing their professional development and practice, employing evidence-based practice and research, providing leadership, collaboration and tenure.


Level I, Advanced Beginner

This is an entry-level position that provides the professional nurse a one-year period to achieve the knowledge, skills and experience that leads to Level II performance criteria.

Level II, Competent

This level represents the professional nurse who demonstrates independent practice. Based on his/her knowledge, skill and experience, she/he is able to plan, anticipate problems, prioritize activities, evaluate outcomes and revise a plan of care or adjust expected outcomes appropriately.

Level III, Proficient

This level represents the professional nurse who is able to perform independently with complex patients who have multiple diagnoses. She/he is able to direct others in the management of these patient populations and/or life threatening situations. His/her peers recognize this nurse as a colleague who consistently serves as a positive role model, coach and mentor.

Level IV, Expert

This level represents the professional nurse who has the knowledge, skills and experience of a proficient nurse, but who is, in addition able to research and implement new methods in all aspects of the nursing process, i.e. policies, procedures, medications, equipment, assessment, teaching and documentation tools, etc. His/her peers recognize this nurse as a colleague who is consistently serving as a positive role model, coach and mentor.


The objectives of the Professional Development Pathway (PDP) have been developed to meet the career advancement needs of the professional nurse. The Pathway encompasses seven components of professional nursing practice. These include professional practice, evidence based practice and research, leadership and professional conduct, collaboration and teamwork, resource management, professional development and performance improvement. Organizational, divisional and unit specific competencies will be verified concurrently with the Annual Performance Appraisal. The Pathway has the following primary objectives:

1. Improve nurse-sensitive outcomes.

2. Foster engagement in advancing clinical and professional practice.

3. Increase career enjoyment and team vitality.

4. Promote the image of professional nursing practice.

To learn more about joining our team, please contact our Human Resource Department at 207-777-8777 or view our current open RN Positions.

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