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We offer a full range of care for heart disease and chest pain.


At St. Mary’s, care for the heart has always been a key part of the service we provide our patients and the community. We are proud to provide one of two accredited Chest Pain Centers in all of Maine. That means our Emergency Room staff are trained to respond to any and all chest pain, be it from bad indigestion to a developing heart attack.

If your chest pain is diagnosed as needing rapid intervention, our teamwork with local EMS and cardiac surgeons makes it possible for you to receive angioplasty well within the national standard of 90 minutes.


St. Mary’s Heart Program is also affiliated with the Maine Medical Center and its outstanding cardiac program. As members of the Maine Heart Center, we are able to access the best available trained cardiologists and cardiac surgeons in the state, should you need surgery. And, the cardiac surgical program at Maine Medical Center has been consistently rated as one of the top 100 national heart programs.


Heart disease comes in many different forms and the cardiologists at St. Mary’s know them all. Among the cardiologists we are privileged to work with are those at Maine Medical Partners – MaineHealth Cardiology:  James Parker, MD, FACC, Roy Ulin, MD, FACC, and Lynette Weeman, DO, FACC.  We also have a strong working relationship with the physicians of Central Maine Heart Associates.


Identifying and treating heart disease and its complications requires state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment, and trained clinicians.  We are pleased to say our imaging and radiology department is second to none when it comes to the latest equipment, the staff is superbly trained, and our new alignment with MaineHealth Cardiology:  James Parker, MD, FACC, Roy Ulin, MD, FACC, and Lynette Weeman, DO, FACC, provide patients with access to the finest cardiologists in the State of Maine.


Following treatment for heart disease, cardiac rehab is crucial. St. Mary's Regional Medical Center's Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is designed to provide comprehensive care to individuals who have recently experienced a cardiac event or require cardiac risk factor modification.


Of course, the best situation to be in is to never experience heart disease in the first place.  St. Mary’s innovative cardiac risk assessment program is called TakeCharge!™ For the past decade it has been helping residents of Androscoggin County and beyond identify developing heart disease symptoms, and provide counseling on the


Finally, great service and excellent care are useless unless the outcomes are up to the same high standards.  St. Mary’s proudly shares its quality scores and outcome measurements for a variety of cardiac-related services.

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