Virtual visits now available. You may be able to schedule a virtual visit with your provider. For more information, call your doctor’s office.
Covenant Health is an innovative, Catholic regional delivery network and a leader in values based, not-for-profit health and elder care. We sponsor hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living residences and other health and elder care organizations throughout New England.

Emergency Services Model

This model is designed to meet the needs of patients in crisis located within the Emergency Department. Patients have easy access to board-certified psychiatric providers who are able to make the following recommendations: pharmacological, disposition, emergency involuntary assessments, and care recommendations to staff.


  • Service is accessible 1 hour before our provider's shift begins.
  • The attending provider will order a request for consultation.
  • The requesting location will fax the following to our Behavioral Services Department:
  • Referral Form Customized for Each Client
  • Patient Demographic Sheet
  • Consent for Telepsychiatry Form
  • Provider's Order
  • Current Medication List
  • Most Recent Physical/Medical History
  • Crisis Assessment (if applicable)
  • Any Other Pertinent Documentation from Requesting Party
  • Once received, our provider will contact you directly at the start of their shift to schedule a time for consultation.
  • Once consultation is completed, verbal recommendations will be given to nursing staff and attending provider.

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