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Medical Students

St. Mary's Grows as a Teaching Hospital

St. Mary's welcomes three new third year medical students who will be working with Anne Brown, MD and several other providers in an innovative educational opportunity. Traditionally, students follow a provider as they access and treat patients. This program takes a longitudinal approach to learning. Students will instead follow patients (with their permission) as they navigate the health care system. This will broaden their perspective on the patients experience while exposing them to a wide variety of clinical care.

Clayton Barnes

Clayton was born at Pen Bay Medical Center and raised along the mid-coast. He is a graduate of the University of Vermont with a Bachelor of Science in Biology, and will be pursuing his Masters in Public Health. Clayton's experience as a Personal Care Assistant with Visiting Nurses Association allowed him the opportunity to witness the difficulties of the aging. As a volunteer with Campus Kitchens he learned to challenge his own subconscious assumptions and that education is the key to having a voice in his community.

"I know that I will receive one of the best medical educations in the country from Tufts Medical School and the Maine Track Program. Having the opportunity to immediately tailor what I am learning to the rural health field, and in areas that I very well may be working in later in life, will be indescribably beneficial."

Sam Dow

Sam is a 7th generation Mainer and graduate of Dartmouth College where he received a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. Sam's experience as a Psychiatric Technician, at Acadia Hospital in Bangor offered him significant insights into the efficacy of psychiatric and substance abuse treatment. He has also traveled to Ecuador as a Medical Brigade Participant with MEDLIFE, an organization serving impoverished areas, where his views on how healthcare workers can battle social injustice were shaped.

"One of my goals in becoming a doctor is to provide medical care to those most in need, who are least able to afford it."

Michael Henry

Michael was born and raised in Brunswick and is a 3rd Generation Mainer. For the past 4 years, he has served as a Lacrosse Coach at a San Diego High School, where he has learned to become more decisive under pressure. As a Clinical Research Coordinator at the University of California San Diego, Michael's research was primarily focused on the management of diabetes and CAD (coronary artery disease).

"I hope that by completing the program, I can help other Maine students envision a future in the state. I hope to stay involved in research because I believe that the opportunities that arise will benefit Maine students and eventually, its medical system."

This program is a joint partnership with Maine Medical Center and Tufts University School of Medicine.

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