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Discount Drugs Program


Save Money NOW On Brand Name Prescriptions

  • No added cost
  • No need to purchase drugs from Canada
  • All patients of Community Clinical Services doctors are eligible
  • There is no income limit to qualify

Patients of participating physicians are immediately eligible for savings on brand-name prescription drugs. It's easy, it's convenient, and it costs you nothing to sign up for this benefit.

Deepest discounts are available on brand-name medications. Generic drugs are always a better value. Ask your physician for advice on the best choice for your treatment. If you have to use a brand name drug, this plan offers the best pricing available.

How does this work? 

Because participating Community Clinical Services physicians are part of the local Federally Qualified Health Center, they can write prescriptions for most brand-name drugs at a significant price savings. These medications are conveniently obtained through the Medicine Shoppe on Sabattus Street in Lewiston, adjacent to St. Mary's Regional Medical Center.

If your doctor isn't part of Community Clinical Services, it is easy to join a participating practice. There are 16 primary care and specialty practices located in the central region of Maine. For help or advice, you may call 207-777-8899 to find the participating physician that best meets you or your family's needs.

How To Use This Benefit

Contact your Discount Drug Program participating physician. (To find a participating physician call St. Mary's Physician Referral Line at 207-777-8898.)

Fill out the simple form available through your physician's office, return it to the medical practice and receive a Discount Drug Program eligibility card Have your Community Clinical Service provider write out a prescription and stamp it "340B Discount Drug Program "

Take your prescription to The Medicine Shoppe, 373 Sabattus Street, Lewiston, Maine.  You may reach them by phone at 207-783-3539.

Show the pharmacist your Discount Drug Program eligibility card

Take home your prescription at a hefty savings

To see samples of current savings available through this program, open the attached pdf.

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