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Urgent Care Clinic

You don’t have to wait in line for an urgent care appointment!

Using your smartphone, tablet or computer, you can now make an online reservation for a time of your choosing at St. Mary’s Urgent Care. Our new ontarget timing system will update you via texts, allowing you to arrive right before your appointment time.


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Please arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time to check in.


791 Turner Street, Auburn
(next to Aspen Dental by the Auburn Mall)


Open 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Seven days a week, including most holidays

Onsite X-ray

When you need convenient, same day care for cuts, coughs, sprains, strains, fevers,
and life's little emergencies and illnesses.

Come see us. We can treat your:

  • Coughs/Congestion
  • Cold/Sore Throat
  • Fever or Flu-like Symptoms
  • Minor Burns
  • Minor Lacerations
  • Minor Allergic Reactions
  • Rash or Skin Irritations
  • Sprains and Strains
  • Mild Asthma
  • Animal Bites
  • Cellulitis
  • Wound Checks
  • Abscess
  • Dental Pain
  • Eye Infection or Ear Aches
  • Minor Head Injuries
  • Urinary Discomfort
  • Muscular Back Pain


All insurances, cash and credit cards accepted.  Payment due at time of service.

Please dial 9-1-1 for any medical problem that appears life-threatening.

St. Mary's Urgent Care is closed on Christmas day.

Patient Experience

July 27, 2016

I wanted to provide some customer feedback related to a recent visit I made to the St Mary’s Urgent Care Center in Auburn, Maine (located next to the Auburn Mall) on Saturday, July 2, 2016.
On this date, two days after arriving in Auburn for our annual vacation where we stay with my wife’s parents, I was feeling very ill and decided that I needed immediate medical attention. Though it was serious enough to warrant a doctor’s visit, I did not deem it serious enough for a hospital ER visit – which I also knew would be costly.
I discovered St Mary’s had a walk-in/urgent care clinic nearby to where I was staying on vacation, in Auburn, Maine. I was thrilled to discover they were open on a Saturday, and at the start of Fourth of July weekend, no less. I called them and they answered on the second ring and said they were open and to come right in. So I did.
I arrived just after 2pm. I was immediately warmly greeted by the receptionist and asked to sign in. I didn’t even have time to sit down before they called me over to begin the check-in process. The person was incredibly patient and friendly, asking me questions and asking for my insurance information and so forth.
After being asked to sit down in the waiting room, I was summoned in to see the RN in less than 5 minutes. I was ushered into an exam room and immediately taken care of by the RN who asked me some more questions to get info ready for the doctor. Within minutes, the doctor (Patricia Hutchins, ARNP) came in and took care of me – thoughtfully, kindly, patiently. She suggested I needed a chest X-ray. Again, within minutes, I was having my chest positioned in another room for an X-ray by the technician, who was equally as thoughtful, patient and kind.
I was then escorted back to the exam room to wait for the results of the x-ray and the doctor’s diagnosis, which I anticipated would take forever. Not so. About five minutes later, the doctor was in the room after examining the x-rays and had her diagnosis – acute bronchitis, AND she had her prescription of medication ready to go as well. I was done!
After another short wait in the front room for the prescription to be completed and transmitted to the nearest pharmacy, I was out the door, after being kindly told by staff that they were there to help answer any questions or if I needed further assistance. It was just after 3pm. When I arrived at the pharmacy 10 minutes later, my prescription was there waiting for me already.
I don’t recall that I have ever had such a positive, professional, efficient and successful medical visit in recent memory. My stepfather was an active doctor & surgeon in our community of Miami, Fla. when I was growing up (Mercy Hospital), and I am fully aware of the challenges of operating a medical office at a local level, not to mention running a health care system at the macro level. But, my experience at the St Mary’s office was health care in America at its best – accessible, affordable, quality care delivered by medical staff, technicians and a doctor who knew how to treat a patient kindly, with dignity and efficiently.
And the best news is: thanks to the care I got, I recovered quickly and completely!!
I hope you can share this with the amazing staff who took care of me in Auburn, Maine, as well as the corporate executives who oversee their operation and work at the national level – because I would like them to know that their staff and office in Auburn should be held up as a prime, gold-label example of health care – and the St Mary’s brand – at its very best.
With warmest regards and heartfelt thanks,
N. Graham

St. Mary's Health System • 93 Campus Avenue • Lewiston, ME 04240