Virtual visits now available. You may be able to schedule a virtual visit with your provider. For more information, call your doctor’s office.
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I enroll my child in the School-Based Health Center?
Parents should complete the enrollment form and return it to the Health Center.  The enrollment form is on our website and many of the school websites.

2. Does it cost anything to enroll?
No, enrollment is free.

3. Once enrolled in the SBHC- what is next?
Once you are enrolled, your child has access to all services including the nurse practitioner for sick visits, a health assessment, licensed clinical social workers or alcohol and drug counselors. Through a separate enrollment form on our website you can also access dental services located at the health center.  Annual enrollment is necessary.

4. What is a Nurse Practitioner? 
A Nurse Practitioner (NP) is a registered nurse who has advanced training in the diagnosis and treatment of common illnesses and injuries.  NPs are also prepared to provide preventive health care services such as check-ups, immunizations, and health education.  Nurse Practitioners can write prescriptions, order labs, x-rays and other tests as well as refer to other health care professionals.  NPs work in consultation with the Medical Director and School Physician.

5. What kinds of services would my child have access to at the SBHC?
Acute illness, chronic illness, preventive care, sports screens ($20.00), mental health or substance abuse services, administration of over the counter medication (Lewiston only), and Health Risk Assessments are all part of our services.

6. I already have my own Primary Care Provider (PCP). Can I still enroll in the Health Center?  Will you work with my child’s PCP?
Yes, your child can still enroll in our SBHC.  We are in close contact with our students’ PCPs and will work together to coordinate care provided to your child.

7. Is the SBHC open to all students?
Yes, the School Based Health Centers are Federally Qualified Health Centers so they are here to help all students, regardless of their ability to pay.

8. Will my insurance carrier be billed for the visit?
Yes, Community Clinical Services’ billing office will bill your insurance carrier.  There are no out-of-pocket expenses or deductibles to you, however, with the exception of electing a sports screen.  If you do not qualify for Mainecare or have commercial insurance, you may qualify for the Federally Qualified Health Center Sliding Scale Fee Schedule.  Please call us for more information.

9. What is the Health Risk Assessment (HRA)?  Who pays for it?
The HRA is a tool we are required to administer to all enrolled students by our state-funding source unless parents elect otherwise.  Once enrolled, your child will be given an HRA.  The tool asks various questions about your child’s health, nutrition and safety.  A licensed provider reviews the risk assessment with your child.  Your insurance will be charged for the HRA, if applicable.  There is no out-of-pocket expense to you, however.

10. Will I need to get a referral before my child sees the Nurse Practitioner in the Health Center?
In most cases we do not need a referral.

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