Covenant Health is an innovative, Catholic regional delivery network and a leader in values based, not-for-profit health and elder care. We sponsor hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living residences and other health and elder care organizations throughout New England.

Frequently Asked Questions

When you press the button for help, how do we know your special needs?
You're never a stranger when you call the Care Center. When you begin the PERS service, one of the first things you do is provide us with some information about yourself: your address, physical limitations, allergies,  phone numbers of nearby neighbors, family members, your physician, the ambulance, police, and fire departments. That's so the instant the Response Center receives your call, a trained monitor has immediate access to that information.

What if you press the button and you can't speak; what happens then?
You don't have to say a word to ask for help. Even if you can't make voice contact with the Care Center, your monitor knows the procedure. He or she will call one of your neighbors or nearby relatives – people we call Responders – who agreed at the start of the service to come to your home to provide immediate help.

What if you're taking a bath and suddenly need help?
You can wear your Personal Help Button anywhere within your home. We realize that much of our value depends upon you wearing your Personal Help Button all the time. So we made it small and unobtrusive, even attractive. We made it lightweight and comfortable. It is also waterproof, so that you can wear it in the shower or bath.

How much does PERS cost?
You'll be surprised how inexpensive peace of mind can be. Call St. Mary's PERS to find out how reasonable the monthly cost is. There's no need to make a long-term commitment; PERS can be discontinued at any time. It's that simple and straightforward.

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