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Home Sleep Studies

Accepted by DOT Examiners

St. Mary's is the only provider of home sleep testing for commercial motor vehicle drivers in the state of Maine.

The chain-of-custody feature of WatchPAT devices provides low-cost sleep apnea testing in the home environment, with accurate results accepted by DOT examiners. WatchPAT testing is suitable for most commercial motor vehicle drivers at a fraction of the cost of an in-lab sleep study. 

Our providers have expertise in working with commercial motor vehicle drivers. We are well-versed in the state and federal regulations that govern commercial motor vehicle driving. Our aim is to work closely with your DOT examiner to keep you on the road and keep you safe while driving.

Located next to St. Mary's Center for Sleep Disorders, on the same floor, is St. Mary's WorkMed. Our sleep providers work closely with WorkMed clinicians to provide timely and coordinated care to keep you on the road and keep you healthy.

Please contact the St. Mary's Center for Sleep Disorders to learn more. Contact us Today. 

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