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Fitness for Duty

Download our Fitness for Duty brochure (PDF format)

WorkMed's FITNESS FOR DUTY is a program focusing on an employee's ability to perform their job in the setting of an injury or illness. FITNESS FOR DUTY Evaluations can be extremely helpful to the employer in the following three situations:

  • Evaluating the employee at risk of aggravating their medical condition by returning to work sooner than medically appropriate; thus increasing the employer's liability.
  • Evaluating the employee who remains out of work for their medical condition longer than necessary, potentially resulting in higher costs to the employer.
  • Evaluating the ability and safety of an individual who is having difficulty working due to a medical condition.

WorkMed's goal is to help employers decrease the likelihood of an employee having a longer than expected disability, as well as reducing injury when the employee returns to their normal work duties.

WorkMed focuses on an employee's recovery, helping them stay at work or to safely manage their return to work.

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