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Injury Management

WorkMed provides coordinated, timely medical services to your injured workers, so that they can continue to work or return to work as quickly as possible.

Comprehensive, Timely Medical Care 
WorkMed offers comprehensive occupational care at its facility, including physical and occupational therapy, lab and x-ray. WorkMed's providers have extensive expertise in treating work-related injuries and illnesses. When necessary, WorkMed works with a wide range of medical specialists to thoroughly evaluate and treat injured workers. Especially with chronic injuries, we know that maintaining positive relationships with other medical specialists and patients are paramount in managing the health and well-being of employers.

Return to Work 
While it is rare that WorkMed recommends that an employee not work due to a work related injury or illness, it is important that they return to work quickly and safely. For the majority of employees, early return to work is therapeutic and facilitates recovery. WorkMed's Certified Occupational Health Nurses actively work with employers, insurers and providers to ensure the complexities of work related injury management are understood and to facilitate "stay at work" and "return to work" efforts.

WorkMed knows how important employees are to employers. A WorkMed nurse or medical assistant will communicate with the employer and will e-mail or fax an M-1 after each clinic visit. We are able to design a communication plan to meet your needs. Our medical providers are easily accessible and can be reached via a phone call or through e-mail.

A Coordinated Approach 
WorkMed provides occupational medicine, Physical Rehab Services, physical and occupational therapy, radiology and lab services – all at one location. Our coordinated approach to injury management means more effective service and more timely delivery of information, making stay at work and return to work strategies more effective.

Twenty-four Hour Coverage 
The WorkMed Occupational Health Clinic is open Monday-Friday from 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. WorkMed's Clinic is staffed to handle all appointments including walk-in appointments for acute care. Registered nurses triage acute care to the appropriate medical care provider. Twenty-four hour coverage is provided through the St. Mary's Regional Medical Center's Emergency Room. Emergency Room staff understands work related injury and illness and communicate effectively with WorkMed for all necessary follow-up appointments.

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