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Ultrasound Patient Prep Info

Ultrasound preps are very basic.

Abdominal Exams:
Nothing to eat or drink after midnight. Patients may take their medications with water.

Pelvic Exams:
Requires a full urinary bladder. Drink 36 oz of water, one hour before your scheduled appointment time.

Obstetrical Exams:
1st trimester:
Drink 36 oz of water, one hour before your scheduled appointment time.

2nd and 3rd trimester:
Patients are reminded that in the interest of space, and in order to provide a thorough and accurate exam, only two people are allowed to accompany the patient into the scan room (please no children under the age of 12). Ultrasound is a very demanding exam and requires the sonographer's complete attention. For this reason, visitors are asked to keep distractions to a minimum.

Cardiology Exams:
No prep required.

Stress Echo:
Nothing by mouth four hours prior to exam.

Vascular Exams:
No prep required.

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