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St. Mary's Regional Medical Center as part of the Catholic health ministry have been working for decades on behalf of health reform that protects life and expands coverage to the greatest possible number of people in our country. In 2010, the Affordable Care Act was signed into law. While not perfect, it represents a good start toward providing access to everyone.

Despite the wrinkles in the launch and implementation of the law, it promises much good for all residents of our community, and we encourage everyone to learn about its benefits. There are many very helpful resources available. We recommend the following:

To learn the basics about the law:
* Consumers for Affordable Health Care has an easy to understand overview at:

Download a PDF about the Affordable Health Care Act for Maine residents.

To sign up for insurance on the Exchange/Marketplace or learn more about the law visit
* The Health Insurance Marketplace

To learn about the role of Navigators and how to contact them:
* Western Maine Community Action at:

To learn about the insurance products being offered through the exchange:
* Anthem has Maine focused information at:

* Maine Community Health Options at:

To learn more about the Catholic Ministry's involvement in the issue:
* Catholic Heathcare Association's website

For information about the Affordable Care Act in any of the following languages:
Somali, Arabic, Kinyarwanda, Karen, English and Nepali

* The US Government's Administration for Children and Families has prepared short videos available on YouTube at:

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