Renaissance School Admission Criteria

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It is the policy of The Renaissance School to admit students whose behavior precludes or severely hinders their ability to receive educational services in their public school setting. Students eligible for admission are those children (ages 5-12 in grades K-6) with an educational impairment secondary to a psychiatric condition (per DSM 4) who can emotionally, behaviorally, and physically participate in the program, and can be expected to profit from the educational and therapeutic services offered.


1. Referral to The Renaissance School will be through the Pupil Evaluation Team (PET) process conducted at a referring school.

  • The PET will determine the need for referral due to inability to be educated in a less restrictive school setting. The IEP (Individual Education Plan) shall determine that the child has an emotional disability (ED) and requires a day treatment level self-contained classroom setting.
  • The PET will submit referral information to The Renaissance School’s Advisory Board for admission consideration.
  • The Renaissance School Advisory Board will have the option to observe the student in the referring school setting prior to granting admission approval.
  • The PET will determine the length of placement at The Renaissance School.

2. Students referred to The Renaissance School will have the ability to learn to respond to limit setting.

3. Higher functioning developmentally disabled students will be considered if there is also an associated behavioral issue. The behavioral needs will determine the admission approval.

4. Parents/legal guardian must be willing to participate in the treatment and educational program.

5. Records from the referring school shall be submitted to The Renaissance School prior to the student’s first day of attendance.

6. Students referred to The Renaissance School are protected by federal and state regulations, including the Family Education Rights & Privacy Act (FERPA) of 1974, the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA), the Maine Special Education Regulations (MSER) Chapter 101, effective 10/31/95; and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973.


students who will not be considered for admission to The Renaissance School will include:

  • those whose parents/legal guardian refuse to participate in the program;
  • those who cannot communicate or understand;
  • those whose sole disability is mental retardation;
  • those whose sole disability is a visual or hearing impairment;
  • those whose sole disability is blindness or deafness; or
  • those whose sole disability is a learning disability.


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