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St. Mary's Center for Orthopaedics

Dr. Wayne Moody Knee Replacement Patient, R. Jack

My experience started with the referral appointment with Dr. Moody. When my name was called, I went in and was asked if I had brought the x-rays with me. I knew nothing about any x-rays. Cindy (little Cindy as she calls herself) did an excellent job of calming me down and taking care of the situation.

Next was my call to Mary Ann to make the appointment to have both knees replaced. I was advised that I would have to go to a joint class and after that have some tests done. I couldn’t understand why I had to attend a joint class but went. I met Celeste Philippon, who conducted the class. She did an outstanding job. After this class, I knew exactly what to expect and she was spot on.

I arrived at St. Mary’s at 0600 on Nov 27,2013, and went to the third floor Joint Center. 1 was met by the nicest people. Everything was explained to me and I got ready for surgery on my right knee. Later that day, I woke up in my room and met Celeste again (who remembered me from the joint class) along with Casandra and Lorie (I don’t know their last names) from the therapy department, who worked with me every day. Due to a mix up with my insurance co., I ended up staying on the third floor and not going over to D’Youville between operations.

December 3, 2012,1 had my left knee replaced. It being worse than the right set me back several days. Although I wasn’t able to walk that good, both Casandra and Lorie worked with me and got me going. Celest Philippon came in to see me on one of my low days – took one look at me and said, I know what you need and gave me a big hug, it made all the difference in the world to me. Everyone on the third floor who I came in contact with was wonderful. All I can say is my experience on the third floor joint center was TOP SHELF-EXCELLENT!

On December 7, 2012, I was being transferred to D’Youville Pavillion for re-hab. Both Casandra and Lorie said they might come over to see how I was doing. I had a nice ride over in the van and taken up to the second floor, East wing, to my room. As I lay there, not being able to get out of bed on my own, I started to feel sorry for myself. I remembered what Celeste had said in the joint class – you’re not here to be waited on. I met Bobbie from OT, and went through a brief history as to what I had done over at St. Mary’s and what we were going to be doing at Youville. I said jokingly, I’m a Who from Whoville so let’s get going.

Sara (PT) and Bobbie (OT) worked with me every day and helped me make the progress that I needed. I also had many walks around the hallways.  I like to joke and kid and the staff did also (this helped me over several hard times) The entire staff at Youville were wonderful, caring, and helpful. I was surprised one morning to see Casandra and Lorie who come over see how I was doing. It’s hard for me to put into words how great it made me feel that they would actually take the time to come over. Another example of how caring the staff at St. Mary’s Joint Center really is – you’re not just a number!!!!

I was discharged from D’Youville Pavillion on December 21,2012.

I feel like a poster boy for St. Mary’s Joint Center and D Youville Pavillion Re-hab. 1 tell everybody what a wonderful experience I had. For me it was a TOP SHELF EXPERIENCE. I cannot fine one thing to complain about. Everyone was just the greatest.

I went back to St. Mary’s in January to see as many of the people that helped me as I could. I was able to see Celeste Philippon, give her a hug and thank her for all she did for me. I also saw Lorie and thanked her. I went to the second floor of the D’Youville Pavillion. Although I was not able to see and thank Sara and Bobbie, I was able to see some of the staff. I thanked them for all they did.

For me, I went to the right place. I can’t say enough good about St. Mary’s Joint Center and staff- they are TOP SHELF. I highly recommend St. Mary’s Joint Center.

Ronald Jack