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St. Mary's Center for Orthopaedics


Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS)

What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a common condition that affects the hand and wrist. It occurs when the median nerve in the wrist is compressed, known as compressive neuropathy.  The median nerve carries …
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De Quervain Syndrome

What is De Quervain Syndrome (Tenosynovitis, Tendonitis)? De Quervain’s Syndrome, (also known as DeQuervain Tenosynovitis or DeQuervain Tendonitis), is a condition caused by an inflammation of the tendons located at the thumb side of the wrist. Tendons …
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Distal Radius Fractures of the Wrist: Avoiding Complications with Proper Diagnosis and Treatment

What is a Distal Radius Fracture? Distal Radial Fractures (also known as wrist fractures) are very common in the U.S. The injury is most common among those who have experienced hard falls and instinctively spread their …
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Scaphoid Fracture

What is a Scaphoid Fracture? A scaphoid fracture most commonly results from a fall on an outstretched hand.  The scaphoid is a small bone located on the thumb side of your wrist.  The scaphoid is unique in …
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Sports Related Hand Injuries

Hand, finger, and wrist injuries include fractures, dislocations, and sprains and often occur in contact sports such as football, lacrosse, and hockey. Hand injuries can result from a fall that forces the hand or fingers …
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