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Care Management

Care management is a service offering education, coaching, and support to help patients better manage their health conditions. Care managers work closely with the patient’s care team and community partners to coordinate services, supporting the patient in successfully managing their health.

A patient can be referred to care management by their primary care provider, a clinical staff member, a member of their hospital care team, or self-refer.

Typical roles and responsibilities of a care manager include:

Assess the patient’s ability to manage their health condition (i.e. barriers, support system, engagement)

Provide education and support in numerous areas:

  • Disease specific management
  • Nutrition/meal planning
  • Exercise or physical activity
  • Medication management
  • Preventing and detecting acute and chronic complications
  • Emotional health and stress reduction
  • Promote goal setting and self-management action plan

Help with shared decision making strategies

Help locate and access community resources

Promote and help with care coordination

  • Work closely with care team
  • Promote evidence-based care
  • Advocate across complex system
  • Liaison with insurance case management
  • Make referrals to appropriate care providers
  • Accompany patient to visits, as needed
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