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Hospital Case Management

The Case Management team has two primary functions.

Utilization Review

Utilization reviews happen while you’re in the hospital. It’s the process of nurses communicating your condition and health needs to the insurance company. These nurses help to ensure that coverage is available for the care you require.

Discharge Planning

Discharge planning may be performed by a nurse or a social worker. The nurse and/or social worker will partner with the patient, physician, and clinical staff to determine the best plan for the patient upon discharge. The plan might include home health, skilled nursing/long-term care, new medications, assistive devices, etc.

Once the plan is decided, the Case Management team will work with the patient to determine which company will best meet their needs (i.e. care needs, insurance coverage, proximity to home/support system, etc.). Our case managers are very familiar with these companies.  If you’re unsure who you’d like to work with, ask questions. 

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