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Specializing in Personalized In-Patient Care

What is a Hospitalist?

A hospital stay can be a confusing and impersonal experience.  A Hospitalist, who is a qualified trained physician staffed at St. Mary's Regional Medical Center, can put patients and their families at ease by providing a high level of one-on-one care during their stay.

Hospitalists specialize in the management of patients in the hospital working with primary care physicians and specialists.  With the hospital as their office, these specialized doctors are familiar with all aspects of our facility, specialists, nurses, technicians and other employees.  

They provide a personal link between you and your doctor.   You can be assured that your doctor is informed and involved in your hospital treatment.  A Hospitalist will also let your doctor know what kinds of treatment or medications you may need when you are ready to leave the hospital.

Personal care when you need it the most

Hospitalists make your hospital stay easier for you, your family and your regular doctor.  They pay special attention to your condition, progress and treatment, and follow up on your test with recommendations that will speed up your recovery.  They also take the time to answer any questions your family members may have about your care.  Since Hospitalists are in the hospital most of the day, they are able to spend more time with you and your loved ones to keep everyone informed and ease concerns.

Hospitalists at St. Mary's make it their business to know everything about a patient's condition as soon as he or she enters the hospital.

It is their job to make your hospital stay at St. Mary's as pleasant and beneficial as possible.


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